Wolf Tattoo Designs

The wolf has been used as a powerful symbol in many cultures around the world. The relationship between man and dogs is very powerful, though the relationship with wolves goes centuries back.

The Meaning of Wolf Tattoos: Wolves have been associated with many different types of meaning, depending on the culture and time in history. Due to the predatory nature of these animals, they have often been associated with cunning and even cruelty. However, they naturally work in packs which can be used to represent strength in a unit such as a family or friendship.

Wolves are popularly chosen as tattoo designs as a way of representing not only strength of personality, but also a hidden wild side. These animals are often popularly depicted howling at the moon, which can show a person’s love for nightlife or the stars.

The Wolf in Different Cultures: Many people will choose their wolf tattoo design depending on the culture they wish to represent, whether this is Celtic, Viking or even Chinese tradition. Many myths surround the wolf, including brothers Romulus and Remus being raised by wolves, eventually founding the city of Rome. It is also legend that Genghis Khan was descended from a wolf.

Wolf Tattoo Designs: These designs are popularly used as back pieces, allowing a large surface area to be used for complex backgrounds including the moon, mountains and other animals. The image usually includes the wolf howling, and smaller tattoo designs may make use only of the wolf’s head.