Wing Tattoo Designs

Wing tattoos are a design that appeal to many kinds of people, including those looking for their first tattoo. There are many different types of wings available, suitable for both men and women and most commonly placed on the back.

Angel Wings: Many people choose to get these kind of wings tattooed on their backs. Whilst they are popular for the way they look, they can also symbolise a religion where angels are commonly known as messengers sent down from God.

Butterfly Wings: These designs are popular with women for their sheer beauty, as well as their connection to the natural world. They can be added to many areas of the body, though are popularly used on the back and the shoulders. These have great scope for elaborate patterns and vivid colours. They can either be drawn open or closed.

Fairy Wings: These are also extremely popular with women. Fairies can represent a number of qualities, and are great for showing off your mischievous side. The wings themselves come in a number of different styles, and aren’t limited to realistic depictions.

Demon Wings: These wings are different in nature to any of those listed above. They can be similar in shape and size, but will often be drawn using different colours and be used to represent a different kind of dark religious symbolism. They are not necessarily used to represent evil, but do usually give the impression of a dark side.

When wings are tattooed on the back they are generally very large. However, this gives great flexibility when it comes to the style and design of the tattoo.