Virgo Tattoo Designs

Signs of the zodiac have long been some of the most popular tattoo options. Many feel a huge connection to their star sign and the significance it plays in their life. And what better tattoo design to choose than something you feel truly connected to throughout your life?

Virgo is the sixth zodiacal sign and runs from August 23 to September 23. People born under this sign have an extremely analytical mind, hoping to understand everything in life. The sign is hugely connected to feelings and senses, making this a great foundation for tattoo designs. As such Virgo tattoos will have additional layers to them, showing deep meaning in the lives of those that wear them.

The Virgo Symbols: The symbol of the Virgo zodiac sign is the harvest goddess. Traditionally the goddess holds wheat in her hands, symbolising wisdom yet also the idealistic nature of the virgin. Virgo tattoos will often play on this symbol, changing the woman according to personal tastes and experiences.

Those born with the star sign Virgo may choose a discreet version of the ancient symbol, or take the virgin goddess motif into a large work that truly stands out. The most suitable colours for a Virgo tattoo are shimmering metals as well as general pale shades. It is also quite tasteful to use the silhouette or outline of a goddess.