Tiger Tattoo Designs

The tiger is the largest member of the cat family, with a number of different subspecies which all vary in size, colouring and looks, and living in a variety of different environments. Unfortunately many of these are now in danger of extinction.

Tigers have always been something of interest to man. They are huge creatures, obviously strong and ferocious, yet still full of beauty. As such this interest has long been represented in the form of different tiger tattoos.

The Meaning of Tiger Tattoos: Unsurprisingly, tigers are most commonly associated with power and ferocity, as well as passion. They are often used in tattoos as a way of representing the personality of those wearing it – full of drive for live and the desire to achieve what they really want. However, in Asian cultures the meaning is rather different, where in China they are used to ward off evil, and in Korea are seen as the king of all animals.

Tiger Tattoo Designs: Tiger tattoos are sometimes depicted realistically, though often are combined with other designs for a stylistic representation of the animal. This may include tribal tattoos or Celtic tattoos, that can help the personal connection to your tattoo run deeper. Since tigers live in a wide range of habitats, this is the perfect opportunity for those who are looking for a large piece with an elaborate background.

Tigers make for powerful images, which is why they are popularly used as the centrepiece. Such images work best on larger areas of the body, though a simple tiger head can be used on smaller locations like the ankle or stomach.