Sun Tattoo Designs

The sun is, understandably, an important symbol in history. Human life has always depended on the sun, and different cultures interpreted it in different ways. It is for this reason that these tattoo designs are so full of meaning, and can apply to so many different people.

What do Sun Tattoos Mean? Some of the meanings behind sun tattoos include the power of heat or file, warmth that creates and promotes life, romance in a sun setting, the beginning of a new day or new era, a closeness to nature, a powerful ability to destroy planets and much more. The sun can also simply be associated with a holiday, the seasons or warm, happy personalities.

Sun Tattoo Designs: Again these come in many different forms, though some of the most popular make use of tribal sun designs, Aztec styles, black outlines or designs that incorporate the sun alongside other elements such as the star or moon. Many will be linked to a religious element, representing the ability of the sun to give us life.

Sun tattoo designs have always been some of the most popular, but these days many are instead going for other designs such as the stars or the moon. However, the sun is used time and again in a whole variety of different tattoo backgrounds.

Sun tattoos can be as large or as small as you want, and they have huge scope for stylistic interpretations and vivid colours. They are perfect for just about any area of the body.