Spider Tattoo Designs

Spider tattoos are a popular symbol with many different types of people due to the large number of images they can invoke. Just about every culture in the world has some meaning for spiders, and the creatures are extremely diverse in terms of possible designs, sizes and colours.

The Meaning of Spider Tattoos: Spiders have long been held as a symbol for wisdom and prudence. However, their individual meaning may change from culture to culture. Human beings have always been fascinated with these insects, and the way they wait for their prey. This is what has led to imagination running wild in terms of what the spider stands for and the way they weave their webs.

Spiders are also popularly seen as a symbol of creativity and cunning due to their web. If seen hanging from a web this is seen as a sign of good luck, and the web can also represent those interested in the craft of weaving. After all, the spider is the greatest weaver on earth.

While these historic messages are still going strong, there is a mixed opinion about spiders at this time. Many people fear spiders, and they have come to be associated with evil as well as good. They are often an integral part of any Halloween setup and costumes, as well as playing central roles in horror stories.

Spider Web Tattoos: These tattoos are a great way of showing struggle in life, where the web is seen as bars holding us back. This is why the spider web has come to be associated with being in prison, though many others choose the web as a sign of their dark side as well as a symbol of overcoming struggles in the web of life.