Snake Tattoo Designs

Snake tattoos are a popular image, particularly due to their shape and versatility. There are a number of different snakes in existence, all with different patterns, different sizes and different ways of living. Some popular types of snakes used for tattoos include pythons, cobras, vipers, rattlesnakes, and more.

Symbolism Behind Snake Tattoos: The most powerful symbolism behind the snake is of being born again. They represent life, and the shedding of a snake’s skin shows the rebirth of our souls. In this way, the serpent represents a never ending energy throughout life.

Snake Tattoo Designs: There are many variants on the snake theme. The simplest design is to get a snake tattooed on any area of the body. They are perfect for armbands, though they can also stretch across a large area of the body.

The snake’s body is the perfect canvas for vibrant colours and exciting patterns. Some may choose to realistically replicate real-life snakes, where others choose colours that have a strong meaning to them.

A popular design of the snake involves it in a circle, eating its own tail. This helps to reinforce its strong symbolism. Some tattoos will simply make use of the eyes of the snake. Others may make use of ancient snake totems.