Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos are becoming more and more popular in modern tattoo designs. They were once considered a simple sign of rebellion, but now represent a number of different meanings both positive and negative.

The Meaning of the Skull Tattoo: The skull most obviously represents death, and is found in a wide number of settings such as science as well as tarot cards. However, this is not all negative and serves as the positive reminder to make the most of life while we can. Those wearing these tattoos are showing that they accept they must die, but do not necessarily accept that the human soul dies with the body.

Skull Tattoo Designs: Probably the most common type of skull tattoo is the skull and crossbones. This has been used in a number of settings, including the pirate flag and a symbol of toxic poison. However, it doesn’t necessarily have a negative meaning for those who wear it. This design was once controversial but is gradually becoming more and more normal to see.

Another popular skull design couples the image alongside a snake emerging from the eye of the skill. This is a powerful symbol not only of knowledge, but also immortality showing that what we learn in life lives on even after our bodies die.

These designs are popularly placed on areas such as the shoulder, though can make for discreet designs where necessary. Colours are usually plain, and become more vivid once other elements are added to the design.