Scorpion Tattoo Designs

Scorpion tattoos are popular due to the fact that this creature provokes fascination. It is fierce yet small and they make use of venom as a way of paralyzing their prey. Their stings are not always deadly to humans, though some species have the power to kill.

The Meaning of Scorpion Tattoos: The Scorpion has been used as a symbol for hundreds of years, extending as far back as ancient Egypt. They were seen as a symbol of protection of the dead, and healers of the living. However, they have also been linked to fierce warriors in battle. In Greek mythology, the archer Orion (seen as a constellation of stars) was killed by a scorpion.

The Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio also makes use of this powerful image, so for those born under this sign a scorpion tattoo will be perfect.

Scorpion Tattoo Designs: These designs are perfect for simple, small tattoos as well as larger and more complex drawings. There are a number of different types of scorpion to choose from, ranging in size, colour and shape, so it’s a good idea to look at a few different kinds of scorpion before making your decision.

The pose of the scorpion is important, where most tattoo designs will include the pincers extended and the tail curved ready for the kill. However, scorpions are also popularly stylised, drawn in black and simple silhouettes. Images that popularly accompany the scorpion tattoo include flames, tribal patterns and other strong, fierce imagery.