Samurai Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoo designs have become more and more popular in the Western world, including that of the samurai warrior. This is the ultimate symbol of masculinity within Japanese culture, and is a popular tattoo for those who want a visually stunning design.

The Meaning Behind Samurai Tattoos: Historically, samurai warriors lived by a strict code that was based on fundamental values of honour, courage, respect, loyalty and benevolence. As such, these warriors have come to be respected throughout history, and are perfect for those who hold these same strong values based on Zen Buddhist Principles.

The life of a samurai warrior was not easy, and they never knew when one day could end up being their last. For this reason, they never owed any debts and kept their affairs in order. These tattoos can also be seen to remind the wearer of the fact that life is never certain.

Samurai Tattoo Designs: Tattoos featuring samurai warriors are usually some of the most elaborate tattoos available, especially in traditional Japanese culture. Japanese tattoos would often use the whole body as a canvas, meaning that tattoo designs would be intricate and take hours and hours to complete.

Samurai warriors are best suited to larger areas of the body, though smaller motifs can be taken for use on more discreet designs. The samurai warrior is often pictured with the cherry blossom, symbolising the fragile life of the warrior.

When choosing this tattoo design it’s important to find an artist who understands the meaning behind the tattoo especially if you want to replicate the style of Japanese tattooing.