Picking a Tattoo Design

Though you’ve already decided you want to get a tattoo, picking that perfect design can really be a challenge! Tattoo art has commonly been used as a way of helping people to represent who they are, and as such the process of choosing what’s right for you and what will still be right in years to come is a difficult one.

Taking Your Time to Choose

Many people will end up regretting their choice of tattoo in the future, which is why it’s highly recommended never to get a tattoo purely on impulse. When you’ve decided to get a tattoo, instead spend a good few hours browsing the internet and looking at photographs for inspiration. Even if you already have an idea of what you might like for your tattoo, looking at other designs is a great way to cement your image and give you time to be sure about your choice.

Why Do You Want A Tattoo?

Asking yourself the reason why you want a tattoo will help you to choose the design you ultimately use.

There are many reasons for getting a tattoo:

  • Symbolism of religion,
  • Showing your personality,
  • Representing your job,
  • Representing your history,
  • Showing patriotism to your country,
  • Representing your cultural roots,
  • As a tribute to loved ones,
  • Memorialising those who have passed,
  • Replicating famous artwork,
  • Simple ornamentation and beauty,
  • And more!

Think carefully about why you want a tattoo, and remember that whatever you choose is going to be permanent.

If you are getting a tattoo that is personal to you, you should also consider whether it’s just for you, or whether you want the whole world to know about it. If you’d like your tattoo to be private then you may be more limited in terms of the scope and size of your tattoo design.

Where to Find Inspiration

There are so many places to find inspiration for your tattoo design. Once you have some idea, perform an internet search and take a look at photographs of what other people have had done. These are also available in individual tattoo parlours, though the internet has a lot more to choose from. You can also get into discussions with tattoo artists and see what they recommend. Try to do this over a period of at least a few days to let the different designs settle in your mind, helping you decide whether you really want them.

Think About the Details

When choosing your design you might come across certain limitations, which is why it’s important to consider the details before picking. Think about the kind of colours you’d like to include, as these could lead you towards certain designs over others. You should also consider the area of the body you might want tattooed before making your final choice find out whether it suits your job, and how difficult it will be to care for over the long term.


There are many sources of inspiration for picking a tattoo design, and you may find ideas in the most unlikely of places. This is why it’s a good idea to give yourself a long period of time in which to pick out your unique and special tattoo choice.