Phoenix Tattoo Designs

The phoenix is one of the most powerful images of a bird used in tattoo designs, due to its amazing visual appeal and strong symbolic meaning. This bird has commonly be seen to represent strength in the face of adversity, after famously having burst into flame and risen from its own ashes.

The Meaning of Phoenix Tattoos: The meaning behind the phoenix has endured throughout history. Among all mythical creatures, the phoenix is unique in that it chooses its own death, rising again from its ashes. Only one of these birds can ever live at one time.

The phoenix is commonly associated with ancient Egypt, and there are a number of tattoo designs using this style. The bird will often have a large and magnificent tail, and is designed with many different patterns and colour schemes.

The phoenix has also been adopted by the Christian religion. It is strongly linked to the resurrection of Christ after its own ability to rise again. For this reason it could be used to symbolise strong connections to faith, as well as the ultimate qualities of courage and resilience.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs: These designs are usually complex, meaning that large tattoos will often give the best opportunity for the full image and colours. However, smaller images can still be used on various areas of the body. Designs will often make use of the symbol of fire, along with reds and oranges. However, some designs will incorporate different patterns and colour schemes.