Neck Tattoo Designs

When it comes to tattoos that are always visible, the neck is an obvious choice. While many are put off from areas that they find hard to cover up, the neck is a great location for those who want to show off their tattoo designs, yet still avoid the most obvious area of the face.

Neck tattoos range in their size and placement, though most are found on the nape of the neck (at the back), though the side of the neck is also popular. These tattoos may be almost impossible to hide, but they are an extremely popular option in tattoo parlours.

When it comes to finding the perfect neck tattoo design, your choice is extremely important. It’s worth taking time over making your decision so you end up with a design you’re truly proud of.

You might find that a neck tattoo design is that little bit more painful than other areas this is because the skin on the neck is naturally thinner, bringing the tattoo needle closer to the bone. For most, however, the pain is well worth it!

When it comes to your neck tattoo there are a whole range of designs to choose from. Though the area to work with is generally smaller, there is no limit as to how far down the tattoo can extend, and tattoo artists are usually very willing to work with you to shape your design in a way that suits your body.