Lizard Tattoo Designs

Lizard tattoos are a unique design and associated with strong symbolic meaning. Traditionally the lizard represents the continuous search of the human soul and regeneration. They come in many different designs and forms. If you’re thinking of getting a lizard tattoo then it’s important to think about what this design could mean for you.

Lizard Tattoo Designs: One of the most popular lizard tattoos is the gecko. These have extremely colourful bodies despite their small size, and they are often drawn onto the skin to look as though they are sticking to the body.

Another popular lizard tattoo design is an iguana. These are some of the toughest lizards in nature, and they are perfect for those who wish to symbolize some sort of survival in their lives. They can also be used simply out of fascination, and this is the kind of lizard that lends itself to the most detailed tattoo artwork.

Many other symbols are often added to lizard tattoos, including flowers either in the background or on the lizard’s skin itself, flames or even signs such as yin yang. In fact, most people are not limited by the natural colours of lizards, rather choosing extremely vibrant and exciting colours that mean something to them personally.

These tattoos are perfect for those who have survived tough times, or those who simply have a love for the animal. They are perfect for a number of areas of the body, for small or large designs.