Leg Tattoo Designs

When it comes to an area of the body that can really show off your tattoo, there are few better choices than the leg. The leg literally provides a huge range of options when it comes to designs, size and location of the tattoo. Not to mention the fact that this is a popular area for those who want truly visible tattoos, but still have the option of covering should it be required.

The Leg Sleeve: There is now a growing trend to get sleeve tattoos on the leg, similar to arm sleeves. This simply means that a whole area of the leg is covered in a complex, often colourful, tattoo design. This could be the lower leg, the thigh or even the complete leg. Due to their intricate nature, sleeve designs generally take a lot longer to complete than single tattoos. They are also a useful way to combine several smaller tattoos into one exciting design.

The Popularity of Leg Tattoos:
Many celebrities around the world are sporting leg and thigh tattoos due to their visible nature. The leg is a great canvas for a whole range of tattoo designs, giving the flexibility for truly unique works of art.

Choosing the Right Designs:
When it comes to getting a full leg tattoo, you should work with the tattoo artist closely to make sure that the design suits the size of your leg. Tattoos are a great way to complement your figure, so choose the design carefully depending on your leg size.