Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Ladybug tattoos are seen as a cute, feminine design. However, there are many unique forms of this tattoo choice to go with, including darker images involving this popular insect.

Ladybug Symbolism: One of the most popular images of the ladybug in folklore is that it is lucky to have one land on you. However, they have also been attached to a number of other meanings including lucky in love, having healing powers, helping to grant wishes, bringing in good weather, and more. All of these meanings are positive, which is why they are becoming more and more popular for tattoo designs.

Ladybug Tattoo Designs: These designs come in a wide range of different styles, including the classic red and black coloured version. However, many designs are not limited to realistic colours, and they can make exciting and vibrant images. Tattoo artists will often work with you to choose a colour scheme that works.

Ladybug tattoos are perfect for women who want a discreet design placed in an area such as the wrist, ankle or stomach. They can even be linked as a wrist bracelet. However, they are also popularly combined with a variety of other tattoo designs, especially those related to nature. This could include butterflies, flowers, stars and more.

Ladybug tattoos are now seen more and more in tribal designs, incorporated into larger works, armbands and more. This is popular for those who want to get away from the cute ladybug stereotype.