Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi fish tattoos are popular with those who wish to go with Japanese imagery for their design. These fish are, in fact, simply just carp. However, the meaning behind this kind of fish in Japanese culture is extremely important which is what makes koi fish such a popular choice.

Types of Koi Fish: There are fourteen types of koi fish, distinct from one another due to their markings and colour. These include fish with red markings, back, white, metallic colours and more. If you are thinking of getting a koi tattoo, it’s worth taking time to look up the different types and choose one based on its beauty as well as its meaning to you.

Koi Symbolism: Koi have always been seen as brave fish. They also symbolise qualities such as strength and perseverance. In China, koi are seen as a symbol of advancement as it was believed many of them turned into dragons.

Koi Designs: Tattoos featuring these fish are often designs with images of water, showing the courage of the koi swimming through and meeting their goals especially when the koi is swimming upstream. When the koi is show as swimming downstream it is a symbol that the person with the tattoo has been able to overcome their struggle.

These tattoos are perfect on their own, but can also make use of elaborate backgrounds including bamboo and water. They can also be pictured with complex designs including hearts, flowers, and more.