Jesus Tattoo Designs

Jesus tattoos are, without doubt, some of the most strongly religious tattoos available. They are strongly associated with the Christian religion, and are used as a way of representing personal spiritual and religious beliefs these tattoos have a strong meaning to those who wear them.

The Holy Cross: These tattoo designs will often include Jesus, representing the crucifixion. The tattoo of the cross is also commonly drawn without the figure of Jesus, though it still strongly represents this important event in Christian history. This design is popular in a number of areas of the body, including the arms, the shoulder, the back and more.

Other Meanings of a Jesus Tattoo: There are a number of other meanings for a Jesus tattoo. Where the tattoo will always be spiritual, it is often popular to choose designs representing Jesus as a way to memorialise a loved one, or to symbolise an important event that took place in your life. The image of Jesus is also popularly used as a symbol of protection and something that brings strength.

Jesus Tattoo Designs: There are many different designs of Jesus tattoo, many of which can be simple and others are large, elaborate and colourful. Some designs will only show the face of Jesus, some will show the image on the cross, and others will show the whole image. Sometimes Jesus is also depicted alongside the Virgin Mary. If the tattoo has a specific meaning it will often be accompanied by words or by a date.