Horse Tattoo Designs

Horse tattoos are an interesting design, used to show love for an animal as well as displaying all that the horse represents. There are a number of forms of this tattoo, and they are well suited to large, stunning designs.

Horse Symbolism: The Celts saw the horse as representing mystery and magic. Most cultures have viewed the horse as a very strong, powerful creature yet still loyal and brave. In history, the horse has shown the willingness to fight for one’s country, and they were an important element to any historic battle. The animal has always been close to man, and will often be used in a tattoo design simply for this connection.

Unicorns: The unicorn is also depicted as a mythical version of a horse with a horn, and is famous for its courage, virtue and strength. In medieval times the unicorn also began to be linked to the reincarnation of Christ.

Horseshoe: A horseshoe tattoo is seen to be very lucky. It is thought that this symbol may date back as far as the Romans, where people would hang the shoes to their doors. Horseshoes hung the right side up are meant to catch good luck, though they can also be used pointed downwards as a way of deterring any bad spirits.

Images of the horse lend themselves to detailed depictions, whether a full body is to be used or simply a head alone. For this reason, large, detailed tattoos are often drawn on larger areas of the body such as the arm or the back.