Funny Tattoo Designs

Funny tattoos come in a number of different forms sometimes deliberate, sometimes the result of bad choices and terrible mistakes!

Making Use of Body Parts: Some of the funniest tattoos are strategically placed to make use of body parts. This is popular with the navel, with many funny tattoo designs showing animals that have the navel as their rear end. There are many of these tattoo designs online the question is, is this a tattoo design that you could live with on your body for your whole life?

Funny Word Tattoos: Some other funny tattoos simply make use of funny sayings, often making a joke out of the person wearing them or out of other people. They can be shocking, and work well together with the pictures. Again it takes a lot of guts to get something like this tattooed on yourself, that’ll last for your whole life.

Funny Tattoo Designs: Some of the most popular funny tattoo designs include silly cartoon-like images and characters, tattooing less common areas such as the top or back of head (for those who are going bald) or making funny images out of more intimate areas.

Sometimes designs are less obvious and can be clever, perhaps working better when it comes to keeping the tattoo for the rest of your life. And if you have a good sense of humour combined with a fun-loving personality, then getting a funny tattoo is a really good way to show your individuality to the world! And making people laugh in the process can’t be bad!

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