Fire Tattoo Designs

Fire tattoos have been some of the most popular designs for years. Not only is fire a popular symbol alone, but it is also commonly added to a wide range of tattoo designs for a powerful background image.

The Meaning of the Fire Tattoo: Fire tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. In general fire is seen as a destructive natural force. It is often used as part of the design for tattoos with darker meanings, though it can also be seen as protection, or as a way of symbolising strong opinion. Fire can be used to represent our fears, or simply to represent the beauty even in its destruction.

Religious Imagery: The image of fire in Christianity is used to represent the Holy Ghost. However, Hell is also filled with fire. There is a lot of religious imagery associated with fire, and you can choose a tattoo design that makes sense to you personally. The Eternal flame is an important symbol in Judaism, meant to last forever.

Greek Mythology: Fire has always had an important place in Greek mythology, representing knowledge and change. However, it also has strong associations with the Phoenix which rose from its own ashes. This is a popular image for those who have overcome hard times in their life.

There are many other tattoo designs incorporating the use of fire. It is popular in tribal tattoos, as well as simple flaming objects. There really is no limit when it comes to the design or the way the fire is depicted.