Fantasy Tattoo Designs

Fantasy tattoo designs are simply those picturing scenes or creatures that are magical, mystical and usually the subject of many myths and legends throughout history. They make for very popular tattoo designs due to their variety and potential when it comes to intricate designs and vibrant colouring.

Ancient Myths: Many fantasy tattoo designs make use of subjects of ancient myths and legends. This is great for anyone who has a passion for hearing and telling stories, a passion for history, or even those who have an affinity to a certain culture as part of their heritage.

Some examples of fantasy tattoos may include ideas from Greek mythology. For example, many exciting tattoo designs have been made of popular stories about the Greek Gods. Or perhaps you want to choose a story from your own history, whether that be about the Celts, Native Americans, Medieval England or Far Eastern culture.

Fantasy Characters: Fantasy tattoos often make use of a main character as their theme. Some of the most popular designs include fairies, demons, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, sorcerers, and more. In fact, there is huge scope when it comes to picking a character, and the one you choose will also influence where you place the tattoo and the background you choose.

Many fantasy tattoo designs are drawn extremely detailed, and make use of a wide range of vibrant colours. They are often popularly used for large works of art on areas such as the back, though fairies are more popular with women getting smaller tattoo designs.