Eagle Tattoo Designs

Eagle tattoos have made popular designs for decades. Birds in general have always been drawn on the human body, with different meanings for different species of bird and different cultures. Nowadays eagle tattoos have a number of powerful meanings of their own.

Patriotism: Eagle designs are often used as a display of patriotism for America. As such they are highly popular for those who work in the armed forces, fire-fighters, police officers and others. They have also been commonly used as memorial displays after 9/11.

Eagle Tattoo Designs: The eagle tattoo works well when accompanied by images such as the American flag or other symbols with strong meaning. They are also commonly associated with words by them, especially when the tattoo is used as a memorial. However, more generic terms are also used to symbolise deep values such as freedom and strength.

The most common area for the eagle tattoo is on the upper arm, though it is also popularly placed on the shoulders and back. If the eagle is going to be shown with its wings spread then the back is the perfect location. If the design needs to be smaller, then the head on its own is popular.

The Eagle Outside America: The eagle has been used as a popular symbol outside of America, including as far back as Ancient Greece, where it was associated with the Sun god. In Native American culture, the eagle was often used as a sign of pride or of friendship.