Dragon Tattoo Designs

The dragon is a mythical creature that is usually seen as a winged serpent, with large claws. However, within this description comes a whole range of different types of dragon, that have much significance in different cultures. Dragon tattoos can make for exciting, vibrant and shocking designs that can have huge personal significance to the wearer.

Chinese Dragons: This kind of dragon is highly important in Chinese culture, though there are a number of different kinds of dragon to choose for your design. They generally have five toes, and were said to lose those toes the further they flew. Dragons are also important in Korean and Japanese culture, where many will choose to get a tattoo based on their heritage. The important thing to note about these dragons is that they are commonly depicted without wings.

Medieval Dragons: This is the most common image of a dragon in Western culture, as strong, primitive and ferocious. They are often displayed as beasts, rather than their intelligent Eastern alternative. These dragons will often have a lair as their home.

The Welsh Dragon: This is the national symbol of Wales, a simple red dragon which is popular in tattoos on those who have a Welsh heritage.

The Popularity of Dragon Tattoos: These designs are a popular option not just for the way they look but also because of what they represent. They are found in legends surrounded with mystery, and many tattoo artists can use this as a basis for some of the most stunning designs.