Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Dragonflies do not have a large history when it comes to Western culture, whereas in Eastern culture they were always associated with positive harmony and success. However, nowadays they make for some of the most popular types of tattoo design.

The Beauty of the Dragonfly: Perhaps the most popular reason for getting a dragonfly tattoo lies not in its history, but in current notions of beauty. They are widely regarded as an insect at one with nature, bringing to mind images of streams and flowers. They also represent a grace when flying through the air.

For these reasons dragonfly tattoos are most popular with women. They will often choose tattoos to symbolise beauty, and the dragonfly is the perfect choice. It also gives a great opportunity to experiment with beautiful colours, shapes and backgrounds.

Types of Dragonfly Design: These tattoos are commonly used in areas such as the lower back and on the hips, and are perfect for smaller, delicate tattoos. However, they can be incorporated into larger designs, with stunning backdrops usually representing nature and the freedom that comes with it. These are the perfect designs for women who are finding their way in the world.

Alongside butterflies, flowers and hearts, dragonfly tattoos are now becoming the most popular in women. They help to represent change, as well as a unique move away from more common tattoo designs.