Chest Tattoo Designs

Chest tattoos are a great choice for those who either want a more subtle look, yet still want to be able to show off their design when they can, or want to take advantage of the large canvas that the chest has to offer.

Tattoos on the chest range in size and in design, especially when it comes to the difference between male and female tattoos. Most good tattoo artists will offer to tattoo all areas of the chest, though the chest in women is understandably more delicate and sensitive than on men.

Chest Tattoos for Women are often discreet designs that means something personally. Some of the most popular options include flowers, butterflies and hearts as the area itself is generally very feminine. This is also a perfect place to get a subtle tattoo that has meaning for a woman and her partner. Tattoo designs placed on the breast will understandably be more painful than tattoos in other areas.

Upper Chest Tattoos are most popular on men. Many complex designs sit perfectly at the top of the chest, below the neck area. They are often very detailed and visually stunning, extending far across the width of the body.

Full Chest Tattoos are for those who want a visually obvious design. These tattoos not only cover the whole chest, they can also extend as far as the stomach. Many of these designs incorporate more than one theme, and are a great way of joining together many previous, smaller tattoos.