Cat Tattoo Designs

Cats have been popular as pets for hundreds of years, making it no surprise that cat tattoos are a popular way to show that love for feline friends. However, getting a traditional version of a cat as a tattoo is just one option, and there are many other ways that cat tattoos can represent a special part of you.

Memorial Tattoos: It’s popular to have tattoos to help us remember our beloved pets, and when it comes to a cat the face is popular. Many people will also choose to get their cat’s name tattooed, or even a paw print.

Cats in History: You may choose to emphasise the role of cats in history as part of your tattoo. Cats were hugely important to the ancient Egyptians, and hieroglyphics can make for unique designs. In East Asia, the white tiger is a powerful symbol.

Lions: This big cat has always been thought of as the king of the jungle at the top of the food chain. As such lion tattoos are used to show strength as well as beauty. They can also make for stunning, colourful large tattoo designs.

Panthers: These make for stunning tattoo designs, usually having a huge visual impact. Panthers themselves are elegant as well as powerful, and many men choose these designs as a way of representing their inner power.

If you want to make a statement, then a large panther or lion tattoo is a great way to go about it. They are often depicted against stunning natural backdrops, and are also used as a way of covering up previous tattoo designs.