Cancer Tattoo Designs

Many people feel very strongly about their astrological sign and how it represents them as a person. This is why the signs of the zodiac have long been a favourite when it comes to tattoos. The great thing about getting a zodiac tattoo is that it’s never going to change and is one tattoo choice that you can be sure of.

Cancer is the fourth zodiacal sign, representing those born between June 22 and July 22. Those with this star signs are known to be timid, yet ambitions. They will move slowly but surely towards their aims in life, eventually meeting their goal and holding onto it tightly. In this respect, cancer tattoos are great for those who want to symbolise the struggles they have fought through in their life.

The Cancer Symbol: The symbol of cancer is a crab, which will be incorporated into creating tattoo designs. Some people will take this image more literally, having a crab tattooed onto their body either in the form of a silhouette or a complete design.

Others will use the ancient zodiacal symbol in a more fluid form. For those who don’t like the idea of having a crab tattoo design, cancer tattoos are also popularly designed using the sunstone that of a pearl.

Most talented tattoo artists can work with you to take the basic cancer symbol and turn it into something personal or stylised, including tribal designs. The traditional colours of the cancer symbol are green, cream and white which you may choose to incorporate into the tattoo design.