Boxing Tattoo Designs

Boxing tattoos are very popular with either fans of, or sportsmen involved in, boxing. They are a great way to represent an exciting part of your personality and your interests, and there are a number of different designs available.

Boxing Tattoo Designs: The most common type of boxing tattoo design simply involves the boxing glove as the main motif. These gloves can vary in the way they look they may be in motion or they may be still. Some gloves will incorporate more detailed designs and colours where others will be plain red. It is common for these designs to come in a cartoon style, though more realistic designs are popular, especially when the whole body of the boxer is involved.

Boxing designs are popularly linked to tribal styles, to keep in the theme of strength and fighting. You might also choose to represent a famous fighter from your country.

Muhammad Ali Tattoos: Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous boxers in history, and many people choose to honour him with a tattoo. There are many options for these tattoo designs, where they could pay homage with an image of his face. More popularly, people incorporate famous quotes by the boxing legend into designs making use of symbols such as the boxing glove.

Other Famous Boxers: Tattooing is extremely popular when it comes to boxing, so next time you’re watching a fight keep an eye out for the kind of designs they wear. There is no better way to pay homage to the sport than to replicate the tattoos of your favourite boxer.