Bird Tattoo Designs

Bird tattoo designs have huge scope when it comes to the feeling they will portray as well as the colours and style. These tattoos have been popular for decades in both men and women, as each different bird and setting can represent a number of different personal struggles and triumphs.

The Phoenix: This is perhaps one of the most powerful images of a bird commonly used in a tattoo. The mythology behind this bird states that it rose from its ashes after being burned, and is traditionally a bird of fire. Most phoenix tattoo designs will come in fiery colours, and depict strength after a struggle.

Eagle Tattoos: This kind of bird tattoo is popular with both men and women, especially those in the armed forces. This is a true symbol of strength and if often displayed with its wings outstretched or simply just a head.

The Swallow: This is another popular tattoo design, traditionally being drawn on sailors though now becoming more and more mainstream. The unique and sensual shape of this bird makes it an interesting choice. Sparrows are also becoming a more popular choice in bird tattoo designs.

A Connection to Nature: Bird tattoos are also a great way for people to show their true connection to nature and the outdoors. No matter what kind of bird you choose, they also represent a sense of being free especially when drawn with their wings outstretched. A cage bird has the opposite, and can depict restriction in life.