Back Tattoo Designs

The back is the largest surface area on the human body, making it the ideal location for a variety of different tattoo designs and artwork. It’s no surprise that this space is extremely popular amongst both tattoo artists and those looking to get their first or fifteenth tattoo!

When it comes to back tattoos, there are three main options: designs for the upper back, lower back tattoos and large designs that cover the entire area.

Upper back tattoos range in size and design, from very small, subtle designs to large, elaborate and impressive works. These kind of tattoos will often be covered up by clothing, which make them ideal if your job won’t allow a large, visible design.

Lower back tattoos are extremely popular with women, considered highly sexual and alluring especially when only a glimpse of the full tattoo can be seen above clothing. Again these designs range in size, though their popularity means that there is huge choice available. This could come in the form of a small design in the middle of the lower back, or popular tribal and flower arrangements.

Full back designs are extremely popular with tattoo artists they are the perfect way to create a masterpiece on the human body. For those getting the tattoo, they can often be highly personal designs that take weeks to complete. You’ll need to be sure about the design you choose, and willing to sit in for hours before the final design is complete. This is one of the most visually stunning and obvious tattoos you can get and the wait will be well worth it.