Arm Tattoo Designs

The arm is one of the most popular tattoo locations, and these designs have been around for centuries. The arm is the perfect canvas for a number of different styles, both in Eastern and Western culture.

The arm tattoo is most popular for its simple location, usually visible at times but also easy to cover up. This is also generally one of the least painful areas to have tattooed. There is no limit when it comes to the kind of arm tattoo you can get, and here is a quick guide to the different types.

The Tattoo Sleeve: This type of tattoo allows for the most complexity out of all the possible arm tattoos due to the large surface area, usually from the shoulder down to the wrist. Sleeve art once had negative associations with crime, but is now becoming more and more popular as an expression of true art and designs that mean something personal to the wearer. Most tattoo artists will get very excited at the thought of designing a sleeve for you!

Smaller Sleeves: Its now becoming more and more common to have a half-sleeve or quarter-sleeve tattoo design, especially when the wearer wants to combine some older, smaller tattoos into one new design, but doesn’t want to cover their entire arm.

Smaller Tattoos: The arm is a great place for smaller designs, whether tribal, Japanese, personal, hearts, flowers and much more. The side of the shoulder is one of the most popular tattoo locations, and arm bands are also a great choice for both men and women.