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Tattoos are permanent additions to the body, which is why taking the time to choose your perfect design is an important task. Never just get a tattoo on a whim - instead take the time to understand the different types of tattoo out there and what they could mean to you. Here is a quick guide to many of the elements you should consider when it comes to finding a tattoo design that you won't regret.

Types of Tattoo Design

Tattoo designs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so it helps to think about the different kinds available as a starting point. For example, you could go for simple numbers or letters, script, tribal tattoos, religious tattoos, cartoon-like tattoos, realistic tattoos, signs of the zodiac and more. Keep reading for a more detailed discussion of these different types.

Choosing A Design That Has Meaning

The most important thing is to choose a design that has meaning to you. This meaning can come in a number of different forms: it could be religious, it could be based on your name, your personality, your life, it could be for a loved one, or it could simply be a collection of images that you find beautiful.

Finding tattoo designs that have meaning to you are a great way of picking something that you won't regret in the near future. It also means that you'll have to take a little time to come up with a custom tattoo design, as these usually say what you want to say a lot better than a pre-made flash tattoo design.

Your Personality

If you want to choose a tattoo design representing elements of your personality then there are plenty to choose from.

Symbolism is very important in tattoos, so start searching for different designs with different meanings. For example, those that love nature might choose butterfly tattoo designs, or those that want to represent strength in their life could choose bull tattoo designs, where military tattoos or flag tattoo designs are great for those who fight for their culture.

Cultural Roots

Another way of choosing your perfect design is via your cultural roots. If you can trace your heritage back to Ireland, Scotland or Wales then Celtic tattoo designs could be perfect for you, with many symbolic designs representing their view of life.

There are also a number of different tribal tattoo designs available, all hailing from a wide range of cultures and heritage.

At this stage it could be useful to do a little research into the importance of tattooing in any given culture. For example, Japanese tattoo designs are usually large works of art that can cover wide areas of the body and take hours and hours to complete, Egyptian tattoos could replicate those designs found on mummified remains, and so on.

Significant Events In Your Life

If you wish to represent a significant event in your life then your tattoo will be unique. It could consist of a single image or word, or could be a larger piece with many elements and symbols that have meant something to you at some point.

Tattoos memorialising those we have lost are also popular. They will often consist of an image alongside a word banner representing their name or their birth date.

A Tribute to Loved Ones

Though this is one of the most popular types of tattoo design, it's important to think carefully about what you choose. Tattooing the name of your partner could seem like a good idea at the time, but these tattoos are some of the most regretted among all groups of people!

However, some popular tribute tattoos include finger tattoos like engagement rings and heart tattoo designs. You may also choose to represent love and friendship by tattoo pairs: one on yourself and one on your partner.

Considering the Location of Your Tattoo

While choosing specific tattoo designs is important, there will be certain limitations when it comes to where it can go on your body.

It's all very well saying you want a huge tattoo to cover your whole body, but is this really viable? Many jobs are strict on the kinds of tattoos they will let you show, and some may not be allowed tattoos in visible areas altogether. This may limit the areas you can get tattoos.

You should also consider just how visible you'd like your tattoo to be. Some people like to get tattoos that are almost always hidden, such as pubic tattoos, where others may be always on display - the most shocking of which are face tattoo designs. Somewhere in the middle usually makes a happy medium for most people, where they can display their tattoo when appropriate and hide it when they need to.

Long term care also comes into play when choosing an area for tattooing. Make sure to discuss with your tattoo artists how long colours are likely to last, and also how painful the area is going to be to get tattooed!

Popular Tattoo Design Choices

There are already a number of ideas for tattoo designs in this article, but if you're still stuck then have a look through this list of popular tattoo design choices:
  • Fairy tattoos are extremely popular with women,
  • Butterfly tattoo designs are too,
  • Celtic tattoo designs are popular for their meaning as well as their culture,
  • Music tattoos are popular with both fans and musicians,
  • Wording tattoos come in a number of different forms,
  • Rose tattoos are a beautiful and versatile design,
  • Star tattoo designs are popular with a wide range of people,
  • Star sign tattoos are also hugely popular, for example Aquarius or Capricorn
The Colour of the Tattoo

All of the tattoo designs above are extremely versatile in terms of size, location and colour schemes. The colours you choose should mean something to you personally, but talk to your tattoo artist about how long you can expect the colours to remain bright. The truth is that even simple black outlines can be very effective depending on the design you choose.

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