Wording Tattoo Designs

Wording tattoos have always been popular as a way of relaying a particular phrase or name. There are now many different styles, with influences from around the world, that can make your wording look unique. Here are a few ideas:

Choosing Your Language: While many wording tattoos are in English, a number are written using foreign characters or letters. This is a great way of getting a tattoo that means something to you but that cannot be instantly understood by other people who see it. This is perfect both for names and for religious or symbolic phrases and sentences.

However, when choosing to get your wording tattoo in a foreign language that you don’t understand, it’s important to work closely with a tattoo artist who does. This is to ensure that characters are done correctly, for example Chinese characters can often be drawn wrongly by those who don’t know. It would also be embarrassing to find out in the future that your tattoo means something different to what you had expected!

Memorial Tattoos: Wording tattoos are a popular way of memorialising a loved one, or even an event. They can be as discreet as you want, though words are also popularly included in banners accompanying other designs.

Most commonly, wording tattoos in the past simply included a name of a loved one such as Mom or your other half. These tattoos are commonly also regretted by a number of people,? so make sure to choose your design very carefully!