What Is The Legal Age To Get A Tattoo And What Are The Limits Of A Tattoo Artist?

I want to get a tattoo(im 17), can i bring in a drawing or picture that they use? How does it work>

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yeppers  on May 6th, 2013

Some states and parlors allow teens with parental consent. MOST parlors have very very artistic staff of tattoo artists. You can bring in anything and they will construct your tattoo. Although, i have been to a tattoo parlor in Arkansas that would only use their tattoo collection. I decided not to get the tattoo that day because I wanted my own personal thing. But you should definetly pick a place that is licensed through the state and follow strict protocol. Good luck

Ashleigh  on May 6th, 2013

Every tattoo artist and shop has their own prices. You need to be 18 first of all, to go on your own. You can go sooner but you have to bring a parent for permission, along with documentation that they are indeed your parents. You will also need a state id if you don’t have a license and possibly even your birth certificate depending upon the place.
You can go and look through their designs (with a parent unless you’re 18..they wont even let you IN the parlor) and pick something out, or you can just TELL them an idea, or print something off and bring it to them. You can make adjustments and give them ideas and they’ll draw up a sketch. They will make an appointment to show you the sketch within a couple of days. You’ll go check it out, and then make another apointment for the tattoo. That gives time for the sketch to be altered if need be.
As far as the price goes, depends on the state and the place. The cheapest any tattoo ever is is 40 and that’s TINY so I’d guess about 80-100 or more depending on the detail you want. Like I said though, every place is different. Best thing you can do is call and see what you need to bring with your parents to go check it out 🙂 If I were you though, might as well just wait another year and save all the parental hassle.

britt  on May 6th, 2013

if you are under seventeen your parent must be present and you must bring a drivers license. and you can bring your pictures in most of the time depending on where you go. most have no limits except if its your 1st tattoo they might not allow you to get red ink, because so many people are allergic.

Poppy  on May 6th, 2013

18 to be a legal adult and authorize you own tattoo, before that need parental permission(sign consent paper). As for the art work, bring a picture or pick one out of the album.

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