What Happens If The Tattoo Artist Goes Too Deep In The Skin?

I’ve heard that the tattoo will be more like a scar than a tattoo and is there any way to fix it if it does become scared?

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Willy  on May 3rd, 2013

‘Most’ tattoo artists, now a days, use tattoo guns that inject the ink at 1200 times per minute! A long time ago, when I was in jail, guys used needles that some times did go too deep! The scar you’re talking about would probably only show up if they went into the muscle under the skin; and that would hurt like hell! If you’re that worried the ‘artist’ is probably a beginner; I’d go elsewhere!http://www.total-knowledge.com/~willyblu‚Ķ

citrusy  on May 3rd, 2013

sadly…no. You’ll have to convince yourself and the people around you that the scar was meant to enhance the look of the tattoo. And it was value added service without extra charges from the tattoo artist!

Alicia L  on May 4th, 2013

I had that situation happen to me. I went to an “artist” that I was unfamiliar with and he butchered my arm. Not only did the tattoo look bad, it became thick and raised. I went to another, more reputable artist, and he did a cover-up. It didn’t fix the raised scar, but it made it less noticeable.

Jeremy D  on May 4th, 2013

The first ‘answerer’ was picking on your spelling.
Should be scarred.
I hate it when people do that.
Good luck in getting some useful answers, maybe just call up a local tattoo place and ask, they will be glad to inform, and by asking some questions, you can work out which one you trust the most if you are considering a tattoo.

krd12  on May 4th, 2013

Scar tissue can build up even if the needle doesn’t go too deep. IThe color will last longer if it’s super deep but will also be more painful. I’ve never heard of someone going “too deep” with a tattoo needle.

TheOracl  on May 4th, 2013

If it becomes scared, you can hold on to your friend’s hand.

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