What Can I Expect During My First Tattoo Session Ever?

I’m planning on getting my first tattoo this month, and I’m pretty concerned about feeling faint or nauseated during it. I’m pretty sure I want my tattoo to be on my upper thigh. I think it’ll hurt less.
Also, if the tattoo cost about 250-300 dollars, how much would be a good tip?

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Alicia  on May 11th, 2013

$40 or so would be an appropriate tip, I’m glad that you thought to ask, especially if you intend to return to the same shop or artist.
If you are concerned about becoming nauseous or faint during a tattoo ensure that you have eaten a meal about an hour before, and bring a sugary drink or a few candy with you in case you begin to feel unwell. Myself and my roommate both had a tattoo done on the upper thigh together, she was on the point of tears, and mine was one of the lest painful tattoo’s I have ever had done. To me it seemed like the position I was in was probably far more comfortable then the one she was in, so make sure you are comfortable before the tattoo starts. You may also consider taking an ibuprofen, which would help a bit with the pain you are worried about, and help combat swelling.
Please ensure that you are happy with the tattoo and it’s placement, and hold off if you are still indecisive. It’s your first tattoo, and you don’t want to regret it later on.

NiCeGuuy  on May 12th, 2013

drink can of coke before hand as it gives you a much needed sugar rush which helps with pain nullification. it hurts a lot i’ll tell ya that but you wont feel faint unless ur a 12 year old girl lol
upper thigh means u have a lot of meat there so it’ll hurt a lot less than if u did it in a bony skinny area. you usually never tip but usually a tip is 5-10% the price you paid
relax and take deep breaths and you’ll be fine. listen to loud music, it keeps your mind of it.

laura  on May 12th, 2013

thats not a good place for a first tattoo…the fatty places tend to hurt more than bony bits because put it this way it feels like a hot needle being dragged through your flesh thats also what is basically happening and i dont give tips they have enough of my money as it is.

Karson  on May 12th, 2013

wow, I don’t know where these other people come from but ive always tipped the artist. especially if you expect to go back to get more tats. I usually tip 15-20%.

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