What Are The Tattoo Rules And Restrictions In The Air Force?

I’m in the air force, and I have one tattoo. I’m in the delayed entry program and want more tattoos can I get any more? And where can I NOT get them?

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Maj  on May 6th, 2013

Air Force guidance:
Excessive tattoos/brands will not be exposed or visible (includes visible through the uniform) while in uniform. Excessive is defined as any tattoo/
brands that exceed 1/4 of the exposed body part and those above the collarbone and readily visible when wearing an open collar uniform. Members should not be allowed to display excessive tattoos that would detract from an appropriate professional image while in uniform.
So.. basically it’s the same thing my wife yells at me. “NOT IN THE FACE!”

Houd1n1  on May 6th, 2013

I’d say don’t get a large tattoo, and don’t get one on your head, face, hands, or forearms. And as someone else mentioned, do not get one right before you leave for BMT. Give it time to heal. Oh, and if you do show up on your ship date with a tattoo that is out of standards they will not send you.
As for the poster named raoul, I think he’s full of garbage and not really a “Canada Air Force Pilot”. I served with Canadian Forces folks for four years, and many of them had large and very visible tattoos that would not be allowed in the USAF.

raoul d  on May 7th, 2013

Canada Air Force pilot here, We would consider you a disgrace and give you an immediate health discharge as unfit for duty. But maybe Americans are disturbingly lax. You would be self-identified as a criminal. I guess we have higher standards than the US, so go for it.
Sorry that some guys give this a neg rating, but Canada really does have higher standards than the US military. Not my fault, dudes. We expect our soldiers to be perfect, not with stupid tats that mar their bodies and make them look like criminals. I guess the peeps who gave me a thumbs down are cowards or trailor trash.
My body and mind is offered to the service of my country, and I am honoured for that.

Greco  on May 7th, 2013

In addition don’t forget the PT outfit is considered a “uniform” and sometimes consists of shorts. So basically you’re limited to your torso. Also you need to consider when you’re going to basic training. You don’t want to get a tattoo and go off to basic training the next day or week.

BigBill  on May 7th, 2013

You’re a fool if you get one.

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