Star Tattoo Designs

Star tattoos are fast becoming one of the most popular design options due to the fact that there is so much symbolism and interpretation for them. They are extremely adaptable, and can be one of the simplest tattoo designs to use.

Types of Star Tattoos: There are many different types of stars, and each and every one of them is suitable for use as a tattoo. The most common form of the star is five-pointed, but even these can range significantly in terms of patterns, colours and designs. Some other popular tattoos include the Jewish Star of David, the nautical star (popular with those in the armed forces), and the pentagram.

Choosing A Suitable Star Design: The great thing about star tattoos is that they are abstract designs that can apply to everyone. However, if you think carefully about the type of star you want then you will usually be able to have one that suits your personality or life in some way.

Many star tattoos will focus on a single star which is great for those who feel that the star represents an important person or event in their lives. It’s also popular to combine various sizes of star into one larger tattoo design, especially one that spans across several area of the body.

The colours of star tattoos vary widely, and will often included shaded sections, though filled black star tattoos are also popular for smaller and more discreet designs. More elaborate designs are often better suited to larger star patterns.