Religious Tattoo Designs

Religious tattoos have been popular for hundreds of years, as the perfect way to express faith as well as protection offered by that faith. Throughout history, tattoo designs have been used as a way of pleasing gods, to protect against evil spirits, to mark status and much more.

Christian Tattoos: There are a number of popular Christian tattoo designs. Christian symbols can simply be added to the skin, including cross tattoos or even tattoos of Jesus himself. These are also popularly used after an important event in life, or as a way of memorialising a loved one. Though it can be interpreted that tattoos are forbidden in Christianity, many argue that tattoos for ornamentation are still permitted.

Buddhist Tattoos: Tattooing has been popular in Buddhism throughout history. Many monks would draw traditional designs as a way of bringing strength to those who wore them. There are a number of symbols and letters that can be used in Buddhist tattoos. If you do not understand these symbols yourself then doing the research before you get your tattoo is important. This will help to make sure the design you end up with is exactly what you were looking for.

Muslim Tattoos: Islam includes rules that prohibit alterations to the body. This is why many Muslim leaders have spoken up against tattoos. In some cases they are acceptable, but they are generally forbidden in this religion. However, some followers may choose to go with their own personal feelings and get a tattoo that means something to their own faith.