Pubic Tattoo Designs

Though tattoos are generally becoming more and more common, what’s still rare is a tattoo in the pubic area. Pubic tattoos are extremely intimate and are therefore different to any other area of the body.

Many men and women choose to get pubic tattoos, or tattoos placed just above the pubic area, as a symbol of their sexuality and a way to draw interest towards themselves. Many also choose to get them as a way to permanently mark a connection to their significant other.

Can You Get A Pubic Tattoo?

The truth is that not all tattoo artists will be willing to draw a tattoo onto the pubic area. Whilst this is an extremely intimate experience, there is also the chance that it could be very painful. However, so long as the artist is practiced and knows why you want the tattoo, you will usually find those who are willing to do the job.

Decorative Pubic Tattoos

Pubic tattoos are often decorative, and there are many options when it comes to the design. The most popular is to replace the location of the pubic hair with designs that replicate the real hair, or that otherwise cover the area. Some of these designs are also extensions of full-body tattoos in which case they can take weeks or months to complete.

In the case of male pubic tattoos, the design will often incorporate the penis as part of the overall artwork for example as the trunk of an elephant.