Pisces Tattoo Designs

When it comes to the most popular tattoo designs, signs of the zodiac are right up there. These tattoos are extremely versatile, suitable for just about any area of the body, in a wide range of colours as well as designs. Many people feel truly connected to their astrological sign, and getting a tattoo that depicts the birth sign can reflect strength of character.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, staring on February 20 and ending March 20. This zodiac sign is unique in that the personality of those born into it will be a combination of many of the other signs. Pisces are often gifted when it comes to music or art, given their innate creativity. They are also good at understanding other people and how they feel, which makes them good in relationships and friendships. However, Pisces do enjoy spending time alone.

The Pisces Symbol: The traditional symbol of Pisces consists of two dolphins, which makes for a perfect Pisces tattoo whether small or large. The sign is largely connected to feelings, meaning that there is a huge scope when it comes to depicting the star sign. Depending on your personality, you may choose a different type of fish to make up most of your design.

The colours traditionally used in Pisces tattoos are mauve, violet and purple. This can make for rich, beautiful and complex designs. Traditionally there are two fish in the symbol, reflecting each other. To make your tattoo more interesting, you could add one to each arm, or foot, only coming together through certain movements of the body.