Music Tattoo Designs

Music tattoos are great for musicians as well as people who just love music. It is an extremely passionate subject, so what better way to express yourself than with a tattoo? All types of music lovers and musicians find tattoo designs that mean something personal to them.

Music Tattoo Designs: There are a number of different options when it comes to music tattoo designs. For those with classical training, symbols of music are perfect or tattoos. This could include individual music notes, time signatures, treble clefs, bass clefs and more. These designs may not sound too exciting, but they are often styled and coloured to make spectacular designs.

Another popular option is to make up a larger tattoo design using smaller elements of music. This means using clefs to create images such as hearts or butterflies, or music notes floating through an image of the sky.

Other music tattoo designs include making use of favourite lyrics tattooed onto the skin. Some people also choose a design that incorporates an image of the instrument they play, such as a guitar or a saxophone.

For those who are huge fans of music the limits are virtually endless. There is so much artwork to choose from. You could simply choose the logo of your favourite band, or perhaps browse through their albums and singles to find an image or a theme that really appeals to you. Better still you can come up with a personal logo representing your favourite band.