Military Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been popular for those in the military for years and years. Nowadays there are many different designs associated with this kind of tattoo.

Military tattoos were made popular during the civil war, where those involved in the fight would use tattoos as a way of marking their loyalty to a particular side. Sailors also famously made use of tattoo designs incorporating hearts, anchors and other designs. In the last few years, tattoo designs have only become more diverse and interesting.

Tattoo Rules: If you are in the military then there will be certain rules and regulations governing the kinds of tattoos you may or may not be allowed. The United States army now allows visible tattoos, except for those located on the face. However, it’s important to remember that these tattoos cannot be extremist, racist or sexist. These rules differ when it comes to the US Navy and other military groups.

Military Tattoo Designs: There are now a number of popular tattoo designs. For example, those in the army will often choose sleeve tattoos of camouflage, tanks or berets. Those in the navy will popularly choose anchors or the navy emblem. For those in the air force jets and wings are a popular choice of design.

For all of those involved in the military, a flag tattoo is also the perfect way to show loyalty to your country. Though there are many standard designs available, it makes sense to customise them in a way that’s personal to you. This may mean memorialising a friend or showing what your job means to you.