Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoos are rich in meaning and symbolism, with many designs and techniques practiced in Japan for years only recently becoming more popular in the Western world. Some of the most popular images associated with Japanese culture include the Koi fish, dragons and Japanese text.

Japanese Dragons: Japanese dragon tattoos are drawn as a way of bringing good luck, and are often drawn alongside images of rivers and lakes.

Japanese Symbols: Written tattoos are now becoming increasing popular in the western world, especially using those Japanese symbols that represent water. These designs are seen as exotic, with an added mystery due to the foreign language. People will often choose a symbol that has true personal meaning.

If choosing symbols for your tattoo design it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting. Finding a Japanese tattoo artist means that there will be no simple mistakes that could completely change the meaning of your tattoo. It’s also important to research carefully the exact meaning behind the symbol you choose. This means you’ll be sure you’re getting the design you really want.

Japanese Tattooing: In Japan, the tradition is that the body is treated as a complete canvas. For this reason, tattoos would often be extremely detailed, complex and large meaning that any design would consist of several elements and could take hours to complete. Tattooing in this way is a huge commitment, but one that results in a stunning work of art. They are often popularly chosen as a form of protection.