Is A Tattoo With A Cross Religious Discrimination?

I am looking into getting a tattoo in memory of my grandparents who were killed. The tattoo that i am looking at has a cross. I also am planning on entering the air force with hopes of becoming a fighter pilot. In the air force’s tattoo policy it says that tattoos that display religious discrimination are prohibited. I would like to know if a cross is considered to be a symbol of religious discrimination. Is it?

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Tim  on April 30th, 2013

Is a tattoo with a cross religious discrimination?
In the air force’s tattoo policy it says that tattoos that display religious discrimination are prohibited.
I think they are referring to tattoo’s with messages or symbols in which attack other religions or cultures that would discriminate against them. But I could be wrong in all of this. No telling what craziness Political Correctness will dictate these days. I can’t see how you having a cross on your body discriminates. Discriminates against whom? I would call it religious discrimination against you if you were denied entry into the U.S.A.F because you’re sporting a Christian cross.

Blood of Jesus Saves  on April 30th, 2013

As per nearly every military branch (although the words may vary, the message is the same) no tattoos will be allowed that viewed as extremist, sexist, or rascist in nature. I’ve seen alot of tattoos while serving, the only time I’ve run across people who were told to remove/cover the tattoo or explain the tattoo (typically every time they moved to a new unit) was people who had tattoos in non-conservative places (lips, hands, face, throat, etc.) or a tattoo a bunch of morons in a gang of some sort decided to adopt as their own symbol. For instance a friend of mine is Swedish, he could actually trace his line back to the 1700’s. He had a cross of some sort, and everytime he went to a military school he had to explain to the cadre there what it symbolized. Unfortunatly some prison gang decided to adopt a gang cross similier to his cross so the question was obviously asked. Outside of that, go get some ink!

gringo_m  on April 30th, 2013

I am not in the military, but I can’t imagine they wouldn’t let you in, I see a LOT of people with cross tattoo’s so it is pretty common. Religious discrimination is probably if it is a swastika or ***** Jews or something.

Conor  on April 30th, 2013

You can support a religion, you just cant discriminate against anyone else’s. Now if you had a Muslim Crescent or a Star of David on fire with a cross over it, that may pose some sort of problem.

AFmedic8  on April 30th, 2013

If you have a cross on it, who are you discriminating against? Nobody, you should be fine

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