How Much Would A Tattoo Cost From Wooster Street Social Club?

The tattoo parlor from NY Ink. Obviously it’ll be pricey but they do amazing work.

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mikewant  on May 15th, 2013

It depends if you want to have it done by one of the main artist like Ami or Tim (the ones you see on TV). They will be alot more expensive than artist that work there that you dont see. For example, Kat Von D, who had her own ink show has a minimum of $700 or something like that for a portrait. Since you only see these artist I believe you want a tattoo from one of them. So be prepared to spend alot of money for something not worth that much. Im not trying to dis NY Ink because I also watch and love that show haha and yes they do have beautiful tattoos but you can find artist of equal statue if not better to do the work for the regular price. Especially in New York where some of the best artist live.

Ashlyn Brandenburg  on May 16th, 2013

When Ami was down in Miami Beach the shop minimum was $200. But since we’re now talking NYC, I’d think the shop minimum would be a bit more.

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