How Do You Care For A Tattoo On Your Armpit?

The female presenter on Myth Busters has a tattoo that goes over her armpit. I am very curious as to how one would deal with the aftercare, given that sweat introduces the complication of constant moisture. I don’t see how you could put anti-perspirant deodorant on a fresh tattoo.
I would be very grateful if a professional tattooist or someone who has had a tattoo there could answer this, . (By the way, I am not planning on an underarm tattoo.)

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mzjavert  on May 5th, 2013

Well I don’t have an underarm tattoo, but I have one that’s right up to my inner arm where it bends. My job at the time kept that area closed…ie flesh to flesh and I ended up with an infection in that area and losing some ink.
…So if I were to get an underarm tattoo, the first thing I’d do is take vacation days for the day I got the tattoo, through two weeks. then I’d get a large foam piece that holds the arm up (I’m not sure what it’s called, but I’ve seen them used on patients who need their arm up so that they can heal. You could make one for this purpose.) to use when I could not be laying down or reclining with my arm up. Then I’d spend two weeks in my recliner, watching movies with my arm up.

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