How Do Tattoo Artist Charge The Tattoo? The Size,colour Or A Custom Design?

It seem to me that tattoo does not have a standard price as the price quote is simply from the tattoo artist.How’s much does it really cost for a maybe 10cm by 10cm design? Do they charge extra for colour or more details? Or from their experience? I am planning to get a tattoo and do not wish to be over charged.

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Cherry_B  on May 8th, 2013

It is very common for tattoo artists to have a standard price to base their tattoos off of. For instance, they can say the lowest I will accept for a tattoo is $75, no matter what, and their prices will increase from their. However, every tattoo artist is different.
1-They can charge based on size, colors, detail, hours of work put into the design and actual tattoo time, or off of their experience.
2-If you think you might be getting overcharged check in with other artists around your area to see what they are charging.
3-Always remember to look through the artist’s portfolio to see what kind of quality they offer, don’t settle for a tattoo because you don’t want to pay a lot of money.
4-Also, remember that just because they charge alot doesn’t mean they produce quality tattoos.
Good Luck.

Elyse S  on May 8th, 2013

You are right, all of those things will increase the price of your tattoo.
Do lots of research before you choose an artist. Look at their portfolios and see some of their previous work. Although some places may rob you blind, and charge way too much, the price usually has a lot to do with the quality of work the artist produces, so don’t be too cheap when choosing where to go.
Also, depending on your tattoo, sometimes it is not necessary to go to the absolute best artist you can find. For example, anyone can tattoo script, but not everyone can do a lifelike portrait of your grandma, get it?
Good Luck, and happy tattooing!

Shadowbl  on May 9th, 2013

Where I live they charge for the time. There is no set price for a tattoo. It’s around 100$ an hour here. Of course the artist can tell you around how much time it will take them to do your tattoo. There is not extra for colours, but if you get it coloured it takes more time, which increase the price.
I don’t think you should try and find a good cheap price for your tatttoo.What you should try and find is a good artist that can do the design you want and who is professional. Your health and also, the fact that your tattoo will be on your body forever is worth the extra money you will pay to go to a real professional

RevyFan  on May 9th, 2013

Basicly, just the time matters. Certain areas might be more costy too, and if it´s extremely detailed, then it´s harder to do, so it might lift the price slightly. But for example colors don´t matter. The price of the ink is minimal to the artists really. Of course many colors cost a bit more because changing the ink takes time, but here we got the time again. ;D

eyeliner  on May 9th, 2013

They do tend to charge more for really detailed stuff or a lot of color. However, this depends entirely on the artist. My boyfriend has a celtic cross tattoo on his arm and it cost him a pretty big sum because tattoo artists do tend to charge more for tribal and celtic designs.

chelsea v  on May 9th, 2013

i think they charge for the time it takes to do it. and a lot of people say,”Oh that ones more expensive because its “tribal” but thats sounds like nonsense to me

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