How Do I Get A License To Tattoo At Home?

I want to start tattooing at home but I don’t know where to start. I know I need to get a license but where do I go? And is there a way of getting a tattoo license without any classes?

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tattooph  on May 14th, 2013

There are not any classes to take to get a tattoo license. There are crap places online that sell tattoo courses but they are crap and worthless. If you were to take one of these classes then go to a shop and try to get an apprenticeship and you mention you took one of these classes you would laughed out the front door.
You cannot do permanent body alterations from your home legally in any state (except DC and New Mexico – there are statutes concerning tattooing in those two states). But as Kermit mentioned there are ways around every statute. You could not set up a room in your house to do tattoos but you could build an adjacent building/shop that does not have access to your house. Hot and cold running water would have to be present at EVERY tattoo station. Hard flooring (no carpet). Health inspected. Maintained at 72deg at all times. Hazardous container areas. And most of all a license to tattoo. In most states an apprenticeship under a licensed tattoo artists in that state is required to be granted a personal tattoo license. This license but granted prior to any approval to run a shop. Also, you would have to get approval from the city or county counsel in order to operate such a business in that location.

Inksling  on May 15th, 2013

You get a shop licensed to health department specifications, which vary from state to state. Among other things, it must have nonporous floors and counter tops, and no entry from any type of living quarters. Like I said, the laws vary, but you can find out by typing in ‘tattoo laws’ on your search bar, and the name of your state. They’ll give you the low-down on the laws where you are. Take care.

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